Blogging for PR – To be or not to be?

Blogs have gotten a bad rep now that social media has slowly taken over our lives.

That does not necessarily mean that blogging is not useful for people in public relations today. In an article from CPCommunications, there are points made as to why blogging can be so important for those in PR. They make points that it can help a company publish what they want to, quickly and effectively. If need be, you can even post press releases straight onto your blog, then sending it out to a news station. You can easily reach the audience you wanted to reach. In my opinion, blogging should be a necessity to all PR professionals, because if you do not learn how to blog first, someone else will.

A professional blog would be much different than a personal blog, and with the rise of social media you can keep your business on your company’s site, and your personal life on your own social media accounts.

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