Quit Buying Followers: Learn SEO

Search optimization is important for any brand or blog. SEOs help your brand or blog appear in some of the first pages on Google. Though people do not usually go past the first or second pages, this drives traffic to your blog. In this article, we learn in order to achieve search optimization you must choose key words and phrases that people would put into Google. Figuring out which keywords you need involves doing research on your target audience.

After getting the attention from people on the web, making them engage with the posts becomes the most important part. It even trumps the amount of followers you have, as said here. An important way of gaining engagement is by getting shares on your posts or webpage. The more shares you have, the heavier impact you had with your public.

By building a relationship with your audience and understanding what they would like to see more of, they have more trust in your brand.

Buying likes, followers and shares is useless because you are losing focus on your target market. Not to mention, most are from bots. Focus on building a relationship with your followers and audience and your brand will build.

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