Override the Algorithm

Social media algorithms can be frustrating for users, especially on apps like TikTok. I know I have posted a video I thought would go viral, but was not picked up by the algorithm. Algorithms are calculated carefully, and tend to change the more time you spend online, posting and liking different posts. An example they use in Forge and Smith’s article is the explore page on Instagram. It usually comes up with things related to posts that you’ve shared, liked or commented on. Another example would be TikTok’s For You page.

There are many problems with the algorithm, including your own followers not seeing your posts. I run into this problem a lot with Instagram, especially when they made that big timeline switch in 2017. The app used to allow you to see all of your followings posts in chronological order, but now the algorithm picks and chooses what comes up on your page.

Improving your own social media can be a long process, because sometimes the algorithm won’t pick it up, even if it is relevant. But to do your best in getting around the algorithm, in that same article is encouraging interaction on your post. Another thing that I spoke about on my blog already is using search optimization. Key words are a great start for an SEO. Researching the algorithms as much as you can only help you in the future.

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