Social Media Takes on Traditional Media

Generations Y and Z have grown up alongside the boom of technology and social media. Now, with these generations entering the workplace, social media has given traditional media a run for its money. Social media cannot entirely replace traditional media, but in journalism and public relations, it is important to be able to use both.

Though social media began on computers, when smartphones were created it offered a newer and easier way to connect with friends. Though the first smartphone was invented in 1992, social media did not become available on smartphones until 2006. Social media has already had so many platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some platforms, such as Vine, have already died. The platforms that are still thriving have changed the way the world receives their news. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2020, 81% of Americans own a smartphone. The Apple News App and Twitter send out notifications if they believe there is some important news you may have missed. It would not make sense for them to go out and buy a newspaper with the latest when they can receive it immediately on their handheld device.

The beauty of social media, especially from a crisis PR standpoint, is the ability to communicate quickly and effectively to your audiences. It also aids in being able to speak directly to your audience, and this is helping different areas of public relations emerge. The social media aspect of any workplace is always going to be interesting because it is constantly changing.

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