Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Crowdsourcing is a great way to dip into the community and explore other people’s opinions. In my social media class at Seton Hall University, Julia @shujulialo and I participated in a scavenger hunt and asked out classmates questions on social media to discover some college student favorites.

Using Instagram stories, we were able to get feedback on topics including best restaurants in South Orange, interesting facts about Seton Hall, where students receive their news and heard from people that love showing their pirate pride.

Though everyone in the class did a really great job with their scavenger hunts, there were only five I could choose as my favorite. My top tweet is from Allison, who revealed that the Pirate’s Cove used to be a full bar. I replied to this tweet with, “How did I not know that? I wish is still was!” The next tweet was from Elyse about how people are trying to stay involved on campus, and they really are not. The pandemic has really changed everything for SHU students and it was really interesting to see people’s takes on that. Katie’s tweet about Seton Hall Pirates originally being named SHU Villagers was also another great fact that I did not know.

The next tweet was from Laura where she spoke about the hiking trails at the South Mountain Reservation, and added beautiful photos. Lastly, Mari’s tweet about Captain Holt from Brooklyn 99 walking around South Orange is awesome.

Overall, people seemed excited to take part in the scavenger hunt, even if they were not from Seton Hall, and wanted to share their thoughts. Challenges only emerged when it came to getting more information about the person, like their age or major.

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