Press Releases: More Important than Ever

Press releases are necessary for large companies in times of social media. According to PRWeb press releases used to be made “fit for print.” A.K.A., press releases were created for major newspapers and magazines. Companies would use press releases to journalists and big publications. Now that we have social media, press releases have changes quite a bit.

              Because people have news on their phones constantly, in the same article, we read that that there was a substantial decline in reading newspapers and watching news on TV. Press releases are done more often on social media and websites, to build up the brand. Before the internet, companies would only use press releases for important news, from a comment on an incident to important company news.

              It’s also important to now use SEOs in your releases, because it helps boost the releases when searched on Google. To learn more about SEOs, read back on my blog here. It’s important to use videos and photos in a release, because it helps gain more views.

              Sending a release that is truthful is so important. Anything that can be questioned will be found out, because it is so easy to be “cancelled” these days, especially on social media. Good, clear writing with informational quotes is necessary for a release.

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